CommentLuv is Gone

andy baileyI am so sad to report that Andy Bailey, developer of CommentLuv, the premier comment and spam busting plugin, has closed the doors due to poor health. Andy has been very public about his health issues and recently decided that he could no longer provide support for the plugin.« Continue »

Shopify Buy Button – 7 Easy Steps to Sell Products from Your Blog

Shopify for WordPress

Shopify for WordPressDid you know that you could turn your WordPress blog or website into a Shopify store with just a simple plugin? I didn’t either until recently. I wanted to sell some items that I normally sell on Amazon on a brand website that I built mostly for promoting the brand – not really expecting to sell much. So I didn’t want to incur a huge monthly fee for an ecommerce store or set up a complicated shopping cart like Woo Commerce or Cart66.« Continue »

Managing Multiple Blogs with iThemes Sync

Manage Multiple Websites

Manage Multiple WebsitesDoesn’t it seem that updates for WordPress, plugins and themes are pushed out more often than they used to be? If you only have one or two blogs or websites, it’s no big deal to login and update your site. But what if you have several or if you are helping clients or family members? Then it’s a real pain in the “you know what!”« Continue »

Blog Posts to Social Media with IFTTT

IFTTT Step 1

Automation is great when it works and one automation tool bloggers look for is something that will take new blog posts and post them to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. There are many social media plugins that help readers link or like blog posts but not as many that gracefully do that for the blogger.

Here’s one that is simple and kind of cool — IFTTT« Continue »

Blog Theme & WordPress Update – I Must Be Crazy

Crazy to update WordPress & theme at the same timeIf you have been a My Bonus Blog reader for a while, you may think you went to the wrong place. The blog has a complete new design with a new theme. I got a wild hair a couple of days ago and decided to update to WordPress 3.5, redesign the theme and offer a brand new optin all at once. I know… crazy! I hope you like it. 🙂« Continue »

WordPress 3.5 — When to Update

Elvin Jones
Elvin Jones

Drummer Elvin Jones ~courtesy Wikipedia


December 11, 2012. After several delays, WordPress released it’s latest version 3.5 to the millions of WordPress users today.  This one is nicknamed Elvin after the drummer, Elvin Jones.

Whenever a new major version of WordPress is released, it’s always a dilemma when to actually do the update. Let’s look at what’s in this release and some considerations on when to update.« Continue »

New Reply Feature Added to CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv ReplyMe

CommentLuv ReplyMe

UPDATE: CommentLuv is no longer being supported due the health of the developer. I recommend you stop using it and switch to a spam blocker like WP SpamShield.

I’ve written about how and why I love CommentLuv Premium plugin in the past. The main reason I got it was to eliminate the tons of comment and trackback spam I was getting on my various websites.

I am also really liking the ability to select from several posts and pages to link to when I comment on other blogs that use either the free or the premium version of CommentLuv. Having the flexibility to choose content that is relevant to the other blog post is helping get more traffic to my site.

Now Andy Bailey, the developer of CommentLuv has just issued a new module called ReplyMe. Here’s a rundown on how this new module works.« Continue »

Easy Tables with a Plugin

WordPress Tables

WordPress TablesSometimes you just need a table to display your content properly. The WordPress page/post editor is good most of the time but getting things to line up just right can be a challenge. Here’s how I use tables to solve some alignment problems.« Continue »

Adding FAQs To Your Blog

Adding FAQs to your blog

Adding FAQs to your blogAdding a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section to your blog is a great way to arrange important features, resources or even present information on your About page. Typically, these are arranged on the page so that the questions are visible but the reader must either click the question or hover over it to open up the answer.

In WordPress, the best way to add this functionality is through a plugin. Here are a few suggestions for plugins you can use depending on how you want to present the information.« Continue »

Pretty Link Plugin Finally Issues Update

Link Cloaking

Link CloakingFor what seemed like an eternity, the link-cloaking plugin, Pretty Link finally released a long awaited update last week (November 7, 2012). In the interim, there was a problem with the version number and the WordPress repository update system where you constantly received reminders in your dashboard that you had version 1.60 and you needed to update to 1.60.

No matter what you did, that dang reminder would not go away. Grrrr.« Continue »