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Hello, I am Christine Cobb...

and I'm a Small Business Marketing Consultant, ecommerce retailer and WordPress and Shopify designer. After retiring from the financial services industry, I've been using my years of experience working with small businesses and professionals to help business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants and authors develop their brand and expand their reach on the Internet.

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Location: Houston, TX

Age: old enough to know better

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I'm Good At...

WordPress Sites

Whether you need a new site, a redesign, a problem solved, or monthly maintenance

Shopify Stores

Need to sell physical products? Shopify offers many unique benefits.

Lock Your Blog

Digital Access Pass

Need a membership site for your digital products or coaching. DAP is my choice. 

Outside the Box

Sometimes just some one on one time can get you unstuck.

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Work Experience

1974 - 2008

CPA / Financial Advisor

Gulf Oil / Houston

Christine Cobb CPA / Houston

Lighthouse Capital / Houston

This part of my career focused on accounting, taxes and money managment.

2008 - PRESENT

WordPress & Shopify Website Design

Christine Cobb Marketing / Houston

I have created many WordPress & Shopify websites for my various projects and client projects. 

2013 - PRESENT

Ecommerce Retail Sales

Christine Cobb Marketing / Houston

I have my own ecommerce stores selling major brand and private label products. 


Samples of My Work

Deer Park Education Foundation
Marketing Words
Pat Conroy Literary Center
Polymer Innovation Blog
Hannah Outdoors
Rolling T Stores


Client Testimonials

Christine has an amazing blend of skills from strategic thinking to detailed knowledge about how to get things done in the internet marketing and eCommerce space.She has consistently helped me create better products and sell more of them to more people than I ever could have done without her advice. She doesn't beat around the bush but gives me very direct and actionable answers when I need them. 

Jeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt

Just three short months after becoming an FBA seller, my sales and profits have soared higher than I could have imagined. And the best part is this business has NO limit on possibilities. The support with answered questions and gentle guidance have been outstanding. Every day, as the sales roll in, I am extremely pleased with my decision to learn from Christine.

donna anderson

Donna Anderson

Batty Bathouses

In this day and age many swear by Facebook as the key means of communication, forgetting that a full and in depth relationship with a targeted group requires visual means that social media often lacks. Along comes Christine Cobb with a remarkable ability to deliver exactly what you need, with the creativity to meet your special demands, and with real and rare dedication to your success..


Michael Radulescu

Pat Conroy Literary Center