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I am so sad to report that Andy Bailey, developer of CommentLuv, the premier comment and spam busting plugin, has closed the doors due to poor health. Andy has been very public about his health issues and recently decided that he could no longer provide support for the plugin.

Andy is one of the good guys in the WordPress community and his battle with MS starting in 2012 has been brave and admirable.

Unfortunately, the disease has progressed to the point he could no longer offer his thousands of customers the service and quality product they had come to expect.

So now what?

Although the plugin continues to work fine as I’m writing this post, my experience has been that when plugins get abandoned, they eventually stop working, break your site due to WordPress core upgrades or run into security problems. So my recommendation is to start looking for alternatives.

Since CommentLuv was many plugins in one, you will need to evaluate what functions you used.

  1. GASP (Spam Blocking) — this was the primary reason I installed it. There was also a separate and free plugin called G.A.S.P. Andy also developed that plugin. For now I am substituting WP SpamShield which can also prevent spam bots from filling out your forms.
  2. Reply Me (Comment Subscription & Notification) — this one was not as important for me but if you were using it, you might consider Subscribe to Comment Reloaded.
  3. TwitterLinks — I didn’t use this function as it seemed to invite more spammers so I haven’t found an alternative. If you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below.
  4. CommentLuv — The one feature I think most users will miss is the ability to promote a page or post when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog who had the plugin. Again, I have not found an alternative for this function, but will continue to look.

I have wondered whether someone else would take over for Andy but I have no indication from him or have heard no rumors that is imminent.

I welcome your comments about your experience with CommentLuv or Andy.


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Christine Cobb

is a web technology consultant, a small business online marketing consultant and provides information for new bloggers and affiliate marketers.

  • Hi Christine,

    Thank you for writing about CommentLuv being down. Do you know if anyone is still in touch with Andy? Perhaps he would like someone to buy his plugins and sites so he has some money from them.

    • Hi Gail — I think Regina Smola at WP Security Lock has been in touch with him. I’ve thought that same thing but I’m not sure he is able to even go through the transition with a buyer.

  • I’ve been researching this today and this is the first site that I’ve found that had any information at all on Andy and CommentLuv. He is currently active on https://www.facebook.com/MsVideoDiary and https://go.twitch.tv/LoonyGeekFun.

    I’ve written a blog post sharing some of your information and linking to this post. I had watched a few of Andy’s videos a couple of years ago where he shared some of his struggles. I can only imagine what he’s been going through and how disappointing it must have been to have to stop doing CommentLuv.

  • Hello, Christine.

    Actually, I have some information about CommentLuv. It has not been abandoned and I have been in communication with Andy for some time. (Also, I have nothing but good things to say about Andy and he is a stand-up guy and would not want to use the word “abandoned” in connection with his name.)

    I can see where it appears that the plugin has been abandoned because what has been happening is behind-the-scenes. So, it is understandable and in the absence of the information being made more public (it is public in specific locations), misinformation may abound that much more.

    I will make more of an announcement in 2019. Unfortunately, I cannot do so during my psychology residency (Ph.D.). But, look forward to that moment in 2019.

    Personally? I continue to use CommentLuv Premium. But, then I am a developer and that is not a problem. Hence, the announcements in 2019, for the rest of the world and non-developers.

    Thanks for your patience,
    Web Programmer BSIT
    Psychology, MS

    P.S. G.A.S.P. was developed for Growmap, the “G” in G.A.S.P. for Gail Gardner. But, you probably already knew that.

  • Nice article…. Commentluv one component I figure most clients will miss is the capacity to advance a page or post when leaving a remark on another person’s blog who had the module. Once more, I have not discovered an option for this capacity, but rather will keep on looking.
    Thank you for sharing this nice article.

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