August 20, 2009

NAMS–An Affiliate’s Networking Dream

In June I wrote a blog post Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop You Gotta Go and encouraged you to go to NAMS2. If you didn’t go, you missed an incredible opportunity to take your blogging or affiliate marketing career to the next level. Six months ago, I went to NAMS1 as a newbie and returned to […]

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August 9, 2009

Danger of Using URL Shorteners

URL shorteners have become a way of life with affiliates, bloggers, Twitter users, email marketers and a whole host of other people. A URL shortener takes a long and ugly URL like http :// and shortens it to something like Aw7m. You get three benefits: It looks better and in the case of Twitter […]

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June 30, 2009

Article Marketing For New Bloggers

Article Marketing

Here’s a great article by Jeff Herring for new bloggers about when to start writing articles: Q: I’m just getting started in article marketing. My website is in development. Should I wait until my website is up before I submit articles so that I have a place to send people for my resource box? Or […]

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June 25, 2009

Beginning Bloggers–Step By Step Course Available

If you are frustrated with the technical aspects of setting up a blog, you will want to check out my friend, Traci Knoppe’s new ecourse Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks. Traci has been a professional web designer for more than 10 years and a blogger for about that long. She has been helping clients […]

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