Are Short Reports Old School?

Short Reports

Short ReportsShort reports can solve a lot of your problems in getting more traffic, more leads and more customers. Some of you find writing short reports are easy and you can knock them out quickly. But if you are like me, you’d rather take a sharp stick in the eye! If you are in that camp, then read on because I’ve got the answer for getting 3 short reports done – one to giveaway, one to sell and one to publish on Kindle – in 90 days.« Continue »

Aweber No Longer Requires Double Optin for Imported Lists

listen for the news

listen for the newsHave you heard the news? Aweber just removed a big barrier to moving your lists from another autoresponder service to them. « Continue »

It may not be your fault this time!

my nams listbuilding challenge

David PerdewGuest Post by David Perdew.

my nams listbuilding challenge

I wired my house myself when I built it.

After a lot of research studying the residential electrical codes, I carefully created the circuits in the house to make sure everything was organized and labeled correctly.

Then, I hired an electrician to look at the job before I closed everything up just to make sure that I’d done it properly. Essentially, I hired an electrical coach.

That was 10 years ago.« Continue »

Listbuilding Mistake – Not Using A Professional Autoresponder

Use a professional autoresponder service

Use a professional autoresponder serviceOne of the tools of listbuilding is a system to deliver your emails to your subscribers. A big mistake new list builders make is to go the cheap route and decide not to use a professional autoresponder. You might be tempted to send out emails from your personal email account or be tempted to use a “free” service. Here’s why that decision is a big mistake.« Continue »

Product Creation – Latest Topic in the Known Sooner Series

What I Wish I Had Known Sooner About Product CreationI’m pleased to announce the publication of the latest topic in the Known Sooner series — What I Wish I Had Known Sooner About Product Creation. For this video/ebook combination, I interviewed successful product creation experts at both the Internet Superstars Conference as well as the Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) workshop.« Continue »

Autoresponder Gets Hacked

Aweber AutoresponderA key component of building a subscriber list is an autoresponder. Autoresponders provide several services to automate the entire process by:

  • Providing code for the sign in or opt in form and many offer templates to make the opt in form look better and improve conversions.
  • Providing a double opt in process to ensure that people don’t get on your lists by accident.
  • Providing a system of follow up emails that can be scheduled for delivery in a manner of your choice.
  • Providing a way to send a broadcast email other than the scheduled follow up emails. Many offer a way to automate a broadcast email announcing new blog posts.
  • Providing a system whereby subscribers can update their own contact information or unsubscribe without intervention on your part.
  • Providing tracking information and reports to assist in improving your email marketing strategy.

One of the most popular autoresponder services and the one I use the most is Aweber. Sometime over the past week or so, Aweber’s system was hacked. Interestingly enough, I first heard about it from Darren Rowse at on December 20, not from Aweber themselves.

Darren suspected that something was fishy when he saw an increase in unsubscribers who complained that they were getting spam email to an email address that they only used for his emails. (As an aside, those unsubscribers have a right to be perturbed at the spam email, but not to blame Darren. He’s the last person who would compromise someone’s email! Their loss.)

One thing about Internet problems, the word spreads like wildfire. Rumors were going around on the social networks that Aweber had been breached. Darren was careful on his blog not to jump to any conclusions, but rather stated his intention to contact Aweber and report back. He even sat on the story for 18 hours hoping to get a response to post.

Shortly after posting the blog, Aweber finally did contact him and he updated his blog post with “They’re not ready to make a public statement on this but are happy for me to pass on that they’re aware of it and are “doing extensive investigations into any possible issues.”

I received notice of the problem today from Aweber that there was a security flaw in a third party application they were using. They also said that only emails were taken by the spammers and no other personal data was stolen. I immediately sent a notice to my subscribers about the situation.

Like ProBlogger, I had to think about how I felt about a company sitting on serious information involving its customers and not apologizing until they were called on the carpet for not doing so. I’m going to give them a pass on this one. I’m convinced that they were waiting to have complete information before making a public statement. The breach wasn’t as serious as it might have been and they have taken steps to avoid a repeat problem.

In the end, Aweber has a great service and continue to make enhancements to make it even better. I can make two recommendations — if you need an autoresponder, give Aweber a test drive and if you have been receiving an increase in pharmaceutical spam, don’t unsubscribe for that reason alone.

I would be interested in your take on this. Would you take your autoresponder business elsewhere?