Short ReportsShort reports can solve a lot of your problems in getting more traffic, more leads and more customers. Some of you find writing short reports are easy and you can knock them out quickly. But if you are like me, you’d rather take a sharp stick in the eye! If you are in that camp, then read on because I’ve got the answer for getting 3 short reports done – one to giveaway, one to sell and one to publish on Kindle – in 90 days.

Why Short Reports?

Short reports have been a staple in information marketing since the beginning, yet they are still a great way to give away or sell your expertise. One reason that they remain so popular is because they’re quick to put together and easy to read. A short report is a great way to introduce a new topic to your audience, ask readers for an email address, or sell on Amazon Kindle. If you’ve been on the fence about creating and selling short reports, here are three ways they can help you grow your business.

Short reports let you test drive new ideas.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in what you think your audience wants that you can create a product that doesn’t sell. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to market a product that no one wants. You may believe your audience needs the information, but do they want it?

You can avoid this by publishing a short report about your idea first. If your audience is interested, then you should consider making a bigger product. But if your audience doesn’t bite, then you haven’t lost a lot of time or energy.

Short reports make you look like the expert you are.

When done right, short reports help brand your business. If you’re a virtual assistant that specializes in web design and you release short reports on WordPress, then your readers are going to think of you when they have a WordPress question.

Before you start putting together your short reports, you’ll want to think about how you plan to position your brand. Whether you want to be known for your graphic design skills or financial coaching, you can show readers that you’re an expert in your niche.

Short reports allow you to create entry-level products.

If you’re familiar with the sales funnel, then you already know that most of your website visitors aren’t going to purchase your expensive consulting option until they’ve tried some of your cheaper products.

Only after you’ve offered a useful short report will your readers consider investing in your premium products or services. This is why short reports are so valuable to your business. They draw visitors into your sales funnel and give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge.

90-Day Challenge

Rapid Report ClubIf you’re ready to get started creating and selling short reports but need a gentle nudge or maybe a kick in the rear, then I have the answer. It’s called Rapid Report Club. This three month group coaching/ecourse is designed to help you brainstorm ideas and write three reports – one to giveaway, one to sell and one to publish on Kindle.

As part of the course, you’ll receive group coaching from Kelly McCausey. But even better than that, if you get on the stick and get your reports done on time (this is the challenge part) she’ll personally review your report and show you where and how you can improve it before you publish it.


As a bonus for anyone who joins the Rapid Report Club through this link, you will also get my Easy Product Funnel tutorial which will walk you step by step through setting up a simple shopping cart on your website to both collect money and deliver your content using a free WordPress plugin.

You can learn more about Easy Product Funnel here but don’t buy it from that page because if you join the Rapid Report Club here, it will be yours for free.

What do you say? Here’s how to get it all:

  1. Join the Rapid Report Club
  2. Fill out the bonus form here and I will give you access to Easy Product Funnel
  3. You can also join my private Expert Business Training Facebook Group where you can get additional help.
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