Aweber No Longer Requires Double Optin for Imported Lists

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Have you heard the news? Aweber just removed a big barrier to moving your lists from another autoresponder service to them.

It used to be that if you wanted to move from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Get Response or some other service to Aweber, you had to get all your subscribers to opt in again. That pretty much guaranteed that you would lose 80-90% of them. Not good!

So I guess Aweber had an AHA moment and decided to retract that requirement. Here’s how you do it.

First you set up your list and then under the Subscribers tab, select to Add Subscribers. Then select to Import Subscribers. In the final step, you will be able to select “No, do not ask my subscribers to opt-in to my list again”. And that’s it! They will be added to your list and will not receive the confirmation email.

You can set that as a default in your settings for any list under the List Settings > Confirmation area.

aweber-no-double-optin-for-importsIs Aweber confusing to you? Get your free pass to the Tech Lab and watch as Cindy Bidar & I walk you step by step from account setup to embedding your forms in a non-techie way.

Now that you can keep all your subscribers, why not give Aweber a try. It only costs $1 to try it for a month.

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  • Ohh Thank Goodness…I’m over here building backlinks and you really showed me something I didn’t know! LOL! I lost about half of my subscribers going over to Aweber about a year back…but now I will import that list again! Awesome Share & Content!

    • Switching is a pain, so if you are in agreement with their TOS concerning affiliate links, you should just stay with them.

  • Excellent post Christine!

    And it definitely looks like Aweber, has finally come
    to their marketing senses, with regards, to how they were
    handling this one particular issue.

    Because no matter how you slice it, asking current subscribers to
    re opt in, was going to cost you some subscribers, and Aweber a potential
    new customer.

    Great job and thanks so much for sharing this information.

    • Thanks Mark! And now if you connect your shopping cart/opt in form through Aweber’s API, you can request single optin. Great for getting your customers on a customer list.

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