My friend Kelly McCausey teaches Mom bloggers how to go from “newbie to noteworthy” in less than 3 months. I’ve invited her to tell you in her own words why you should learn how to blog the right way if you want to make money with your blog. By the way–you guys may be interested in this as well :-D

There are thousands of mom bloggers already online. Many of them are making money, and most of them are trying to make money. Do you have what it takes to be a profitable mom blogger? I believe that any mom blogger can start to generate a profit from her blog with the right approach and learned skills. That means you too.

It does take some study and some work. You will not become a millionaire overnight. Now that we have that cleared up let me reiterate that you can make money blogging. It might not be the same type of blogging that you are thinking of right now. How serious are you about making money blogging? You might have to adjust your thinking, your habits, and your schedule, but you can make a profit.

Here’s some ways to start a blog that won’t work very well.

  • the willy-nilly-slap-something-up approach,
  • the kiss-up-to companies approach,
  • the controversial approach to get attention,
  • the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach, and
  • the guilt-my-family-and-friends-into-reading approach.

Go ahead if you want to try them. You might see a flare-up of popularity before everything goes down the drain. If you do try them you will learn some good lessons, but you will also waste some valuable time.

While you are working on building traffic to your blog you can add affiliate links and become an affiliate marketer. You don’t have to have your own product to sell; you can sell an already finished product for a commission. You can also use your sidebar as a place for an ad network. They find the advertisers; you wait for the profit.

Just because anyone can start a blog for free does not mean that there isn’t a necessary skill set. The good news is that the necessary skills can be learned and developed by anyone with the will to learn. There are profitable bloggers of all age levels from middle school to senior citizens; and of all skill sets from drop-outs to college grads. Blogging is a good thing to know. Most websites have them and the skill of blogging is a marketable asset in and of itself.

Just doing what you can and hoping for the best will only get you so far. If you want your blog to make a profit then you need to study and learn the best way to do just that.

January is a great time to get off to a good start making money with your blog. Kelly is going to make it extremely easy and affordable to do that. She’s reduced the cost of her 10-week hands-on training from $89 down to an amazing $29. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait to see how long that will be available. Click Here to start making money with your blog.

Chris Cobb

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