Finding a Niche: “Get Rid Of” Topics

New bloggers and affiliate marketers often get stumped right out of the gate trying to find a niche or a topic.

One thing you should always keep in mind: selling a product that has no purpose is much, much harder than selling something that solves a problem that many people have.

If you are new to Internet marketing and haven’t settled on your topic, I suggest starting out with a “Get Rid Of” topic rather than just an “interesting” topic.

Ask yourself, “What are people trying to get rid of?” because chances are if you have the answer, they will love you for it and will pay you to solve that problem.

How do you find those things that people are trying to get rid of?

Start with 2 of the largest search engines, Google and You Tube.

Get Rid of Searches on GoogleLook at this screen shot from Google. I just started typing “get rid of” in the search box and Google hands me several ideas on a silver platter. From fruit flies to bed bugs to acne to stretch marks–when people want to get rid of something, they are usually very motivated to buy an answer to their problem.

Another way to dig deeper is the with Wonder Wheel.  Choose a “get rid of” topic, look in the left sidebar for “More Search Tools”, click that link and then click Wonder Wheel. You’ll be amazed at the way you can really expand the key phrase.

Same with You Tube. You see some similar phrases, but a few different ones as well. Get rid of searches on You Tube

A “Get Rid Of” niche will give you great advantages:

  1. Instant problems that you can solve
  2. Affiliate products that people are willing to pay for
  3. Lots of ideas for blog posts or ebooks

Solving problems is always a good place to start for Internet marketers, so keep that in mind as you do your research for your perfect niche.

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Christine Cobb

Christine Cobb

is a web technology consultant, a small business online marketing consultant and provides information for new bloggers and affiliate marketers.
Christine Cobb