April 4

How to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Blog


Targeted Traffic to Your BlogGetting targeted traffic to your blog is critical if your intention is to make money with your blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, whether it is strictly online or offline, a blog needs traffic and not just any traffic — you need specific targeted traffic. Targeted traffic consists of people who have an immediate need for the information, products or services you are providing.

4 Sure Fire Ways to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

I know that some of them may be difficult, like blogging more often, but these are goals to shoot for.

  • Blog Often

    Post a keyword-rich blog article at least once a week and if you have a broad enough topic, consider three to five times a week. Some people find that a publication calendar helps to keep focused and motivated. To get topic ideas, go to your favorite keyword tool and generate a list of key phrases and then write an article for each one.

  • Article Marketing

    This consists of writing articles that are about 500 to 700 words long. These articles should be general in nature and not sales copy. Place your articles that are for article marketing in places such as ezinearticles.com, ideamarketers.com, or on other blogs that accept articles. The key here is creating an excellent bio or resource box that will be placed at the end of each of your articles. The resource box is a critical element so make sure you spend some time crafting it. To get help writing articles that will help you get targeted traffic, check out the article marketing interview Karon Thackston & I did with Jeff Herring over at Online Copywriting 101.

  • Get Social

    Use social marketing strategically to promote each and every new blog post. If your target audience is on Facebook, for example, so should you. You can automate the posting of your blog posts to social media with plugins and apps. The Involver RSS App is one that I use for Facebook posting. I use Pretty Link plugin for posting to Twitter.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    While it is very important to remember the humans who are going to be reading your blog content, it is also important to understand that the search engines are reading as well. Use a good SEO plugin like WordPress SEO from Yoast. Once you configure the settings, then all you need to remember to do as you post is to work in a few relevant keywords into your copy. The plugin will do the rest.

What method do you find most effective? Post your answer in the comment section below.


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  • Hi Christine,
    Wonderful post. I have a question: I run a blog/podcast where I compose and play a new piece of pianomusic everyday and I have been trying all sorts of ways to get more traffic. I has been growing but because my main focus lies on the music instead of words I find it difficult to get targeted traffic. Not only that, but most of the traffic I get listens through iTunes and never even gets to see the actual website. Do you have any tips on how to find more traffic and how to monetize a free three minute podcast without having to place ads in the podcast itself?

    • You might try some of the podcast service sites like Cinch.fm where you can put a profile with a link back to your site. How about blogging on your site about your music, why you like it, what inspires you, etc. You typically monetize free content by getting people on your list in order to receive the freebie. Then you can communicate with them about your music including your paid music or others’ content with an affiliate link.

  • Great tips! Sometimes when a blogger get to focused on the returns and too technical, articles tend to be less appealing.

    • You are absolutely right about that. As my good friend and super copywriter, Karon Thackston, always says, “A search engine will never whip out a credit card and buy your products!” If you write your content just for the search engines, you may get more traffic but not many will convert.

  • Hi,

    Great work Christine you really share good tips that articles marketing is a good strategy to increase your visitor and you share the good plugin of WordPress such as Yoast plugin a good plugin with many features. Now a days Guest posting is also a powerful Gun in SEO which give you good page rank, many unique visitor and help to decrease your Alexa ranking also.


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