How I Doubled My Blog Traffic in Two Months

increased blog traffic

increased blog trafficI had a sense that my blog traffic had increased lately but I just ran some numbers on my stats and Wow! I was amazed it had more than doubled from May to June after increasing 21% from April to May. In addition actions on the blog increased 128%, the bounce rate decreased 21% and the time on site per visitor increased 22%. So what was the reason for the big increase?« Continue »

How To Use SEO To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Niche Website

I’m pleased to welcome Susanne Myers of as a guest blogger. Please feel free to comment and add to the discussion about a topic we are all interested in — getting more targeted traffic.

Susanne MyersMy biggest source of traffic across all my niche websites is free Search Engine Traffic. I love it because the traffic keeps coming in 24/7 without too much upkeep on my part. Of course optimizing your site and getting to the point where search engines rank it, takes some up-front work. But believe me, it is well worth the effort. Here’s my process for adding new search engine optimized content to all my niche websites.« Continue »

Backlinks Are Key to Getting Traffic to Your Blog

High Value BacklinksOne of the several ways to get more readers to your blog or visitors to your website is to establish high value backlinks to your website from other websites. In other words, visitors and the search engines can find your website address on someone else’s website. The other visitors can click on that link and land on your website and the search engines put a little tick mark on your scorecard because someone else knows about you. « Continue »