Market Samurai’s New Title and Anchor Text Feature

Market Samurai

A few years ago I discovered a way to create a niche website using Market Samurai. I posted a step-by-step video explaining how I did it and this video continues to get views on You Tube even years later.

Many things have changed over the years — both on Google’s end and for all keyword tools like Market Samurai. « Continue »

Help! My Rankings Have Fallen and I Can’t Get them Back Up!

Writing With Keywords

Writing With KeywordsLeave it to Google to send unsuspecting website owners into a tailspin with no warning whatsoever.  As is typical, the Big G dropped an algorithm bomb in 2011 with the original Panda update then again in 2012 with the Penguin “over-optimization” update.  That sent website owners scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Most of us had been following the long-standing rules of keyword optimization that said to use keyphrases often in our copy, title tag, description tag, ALT tags, navigation, etc., etc.  But there’s one lady who was paying attention to the subtle changes that were happening without much fanfare.« Continue »

How To Use SEO To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Niche Website

I’m pleased to welcome Susanne Myers of as a guest blogger. Please feel free to comment and add to the discussion about a topic we are all interested in — getting more targeted traffic.

Susanne MyersMy biggest source of traffic across all my niche websites is free Search Engine Traffic. I love it because the traffic keeps coming in 24/7 without too much upkeep on my part. Of course optimizing your site and getting to the point where search engines rank it, takes some up-front work. But believe me, it is well worth the effort. Here’s my process for adding new search engine optimized content to all my niche websites.« Continue »

SEO Your Blog With Scribe

SEO Copywriting ReportWhat does it mean to SEO your blog? And why would you want to? And how can Scribe help? If you are blogging for anyone other than yourself and your best friends, then you need to do things that help Google find your website and display it to Google searchers when they type in your keywords. So let’s look at these questions:« Continue »