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Every article needs a beginning, a middle and an end. The first and most critical part of this is writing an article title that is good enough to stop the reader in their tracks. If you fail in this then the rest of your article is irrelevant. No one will read it anyway.

Although you can write almost anything for a headline there are 3 main ways to write an article title.

The first tactic that you can use is the power words. Some words grab the readers interest straight away. The most well known of these is “free”. Other great words are “Discover, Learn, How to, Yes, Did You Know, Now, “. What these words do is create urgency, desire and interest in the mind of the reader. You see the power phrase or word and want to know more. There are many power words like this that will add punch to your headline.

The next tip is to break an article into stages or steps and announce this in the headline. This is the article headline method I use the most. I used this style for this article by starting the headline with the term “3 easy steps to..”. Other versions of this could be “5 tips to successful articles” or “The 7 best article headlines” People like knowledge broken down into manageable size chunks. Something about having a task broken down into small tasks appeals to most readers.

The final step is to be controversial with your headline. You will find some subjects where this style is perfect. You could say something like “Article writing is a complete waste of time”. The fact that you are being outrageous will get the readers attention. This way of writing an article title needs to be used with care because it doesn”t always sound convincing. The title is very important and you need to spend time getting it right first time.

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