How to Use Market Samurai to Build a Niche Website

Try Market Samurai now for free!I created a video showing you how I used Market Samurai to build a niche website about glass teapots for affiliate marketing sales. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has used Market Samurai that doesn’t think it is one of the best marketing tools available today.

It started out as a keyword tool but it has become so much more.

You will see the steps I took to research the niche, find affiliate products and then build some product blog posts. The one section I didn’t demonstrate in the video was the Rank Checker feature where you can see the progress your site is making in terms of ranking for particular keywords. I’ll save that for another video after my new niche website has had a chance to build some cred with Google.

Push the play button and see how easy it is to do Internet marketing the right way.

Click This Link to Test Drive Market Samurai for Yourself

I’d be interested in some cool things you discover using Market Samurai. Leave me a comment.

UPDATE: Market Samurai is having a 50% off sale (their first ever) through September 14, 2012. Click Here to access the sale page on the Warrior Forum.

Christine Cobb

Christine Cobb

is a web technology consultant, a small business online marketing consultant and provides information for new bloggers and affiliate marketers.
Christine Cobb
  • Kim says:

    Thank you very much for creating this video, it is very enlightening. I would like to create my niche websites just like you did.

  • Eric R. W. says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog so far, but I do have one question. Do you allow guest author posts?

    Please let me know by email.

  • Cosmin says:

    I think the last tab for create backlinks is the most important for SEO. I download and i tested. Thank you very much

  • marcus says:

    wow , I ve heard of market samurai, but did not know it was that indepth and specific. Market samurai, has a wealth of beneficial information.

  • eurobasket 2013 says:

    Which is better, Market Samurai or Traffic Travis?

    • Chris says:

      I didn’t see an advantage of Traffic Travis before. I understand there are some interesting enhancements in the latest version so I may need to revisit it. Also I expect the Market Samurai folks to answer the challenge. Don’t you just love competition!

  • Donna says:

    Hi. I was wondering when you build your niche sites do you use categories with article posts or do you use static pages and post the content for the article on your page? I kind of new to internet marketing and building websites but I am familiar with wordpress and if you use categories then the site will look for like a blog correct? thanks

    • Chris Cobb says:

      Most of my niche sites use blog posts to publish product reviews or information about the topic. Each of those posts are assigned to a category. The categories generally represent the broad keywords for the niche.

      Sometimes it is necessary to put content on a page. One reason for that is to use a different page template provided by your theme. For example, many themes will allow a page to not display the sidebar which is not a good feature for a sales page.

      You can install a plugin that will allow you to assign pages to a category and also assign tags.

      Hope that helps.

  • Steve Davies says:

    I love Market Samurai though it is pretty engrossing and ends up taking a lot of time. Great video by the way.

  • Asher says:

    Thanks. Market samurai works like samurai for me too develop and design a website for me. I think i have my positive feedback’s for it.

  • Shan says:

    Hi Christine

    I’ve been using Market Samurai for around 18 months and love it! I used Traffic Travis for a while, then Wordtracker for about 6 months. Discovered Market Samurai and don’t need anything else.

    Great site!

    • Christine Cobb says:

      Shan — glad it’s working for you. With Google moving its free keyword tool inside of the Adwords accounts, I think many people will be looking around for another solution.

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