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During the Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems workshop in Atlanta last weekend, we were fortunate to hear from Jeff Herring, the Article Guy. Jeff has been very successful marketing his business through article marketing. As his success grew he started a new business–teaching others to use the techniques that had worked for him. I was impressed that he was actually making money using the techniques he was teaching.

One of the key strategies is to repurpose your articles. In other words, take an article and use it for other purposes. For example you write an article entitled “7 tips to write a better article”. Then you make a separate article out of each of the 7 tips, then you combine the 7 articles into an ebook or ecourse. You might also create a video seminar from these same 7 tips. Each of the 7 articles can also be a subject for your blog.

The key is to offer your readers and visitors more in-depth information on a subject of interest. I was so impressed with his knowledge that I joined his Article Marketing TeleSeminar Club. If you are interested in learning how to market your business through Article Marketing and driving more traffic to your website or blog, Click here to register and learn the secrets to article marketing.

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  • With friends we have often spoken on the topic of the marketing. According to some it is even a waste of time, but for me it’s not like that. I think the benefit of every thing can be found, but for this we need the right people, circumstances and mood. For me the marketing should be seen as a means to achieve the objective, not as a goal. Greetings!

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