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Tips for Starting a Membership Site

Money Walks

Money WalksWow! The Super Bowl is this weekend and a month of the New Year has passed already! You were just saying last year, “I plan to get a membership site going next year”. Well, folks, now is the time. Here are a few tips to finally get that membership site up and running.« Continue »

Managing Multiple Blogs with iThemes Sync

Manage Multiple Websites

Manage Multiple WebsitesDoesn’t it seem that updates for WordPress, plugins and themes are pushed out more often than they used to be? If you only have one or two blogs or websites, it’s no big deal to login and update your site. But what if you have several or if you are helping clients or family members? Then it’s a real pain in the “you know what!”« Continue »

Blog Posts to Social Media with IFTTT

IFTTT Step 1

Automation is great when it works and one automation tool bloggers look for is something that will take new blog posts and post them to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. There are many social media plugins that help readers link or like blog posts but not as many that gracefully do that for the blogger.

Here’s one that is simple and kind of cool — IFTTT« Continue »

Market Samurai’s New Title and Anchor Text Feature

Market Samurai

Market Samurai’s latest feature “Title and Anchor Text Competition” filters down the competing websites for keywords to only those with the keyword in the title tag and an inbound link from another website using the keyword in the anchor text.


The Best Kept Secret of Highly Successful Bloggers

24 hours

I have never had a bad experience with the articles Nicole Dean offers. They are affordable, professionally written, available for all sorts of topics and simple to use.


Help! My Rankings Have Fallen and I Can’t Get them Back Up!

Writing With Keywords

Leave it to Google to send unsuspecting website owners into a tailspin with no warning whatsoever. As is typical, the Big G dropped an algorithm bomb in 2011 with the original Panda update then again in 2012 with the Penguin “over-optimization” update. That sent website owners scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Most of us had been following the long-standing rules of keyword optimization that said to use keyphrases often in our copy, title tag, description tag, ALT tags, navigation, etc., etc. But there’s one lady who was paying attention to the subtle changes that were happening without much fanfare.


How Content Thieves Cost Me $64,000 (and What You Can Do to Stop them From Stealing Your Stuff)

Cyber Theft

Guest Post by Karon Thackston: What an introduction I got to the digital publishing world. After launching my very first e-product, I was horrified to find out it had been stolen. What transpired over the next few months was both heartbreaking and educational. I can promise you, it had a lasting impact on how I […]


Kindle Publishing – Don’t Let Past Experiences Prevent Future Success

Kindle Nightmare

It was a nightmare in every sense of the word.  The old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” comes to mind every time I tell the tale.  I was bound and determined not to go through that ordeal again.  My past experiences with publishing Kindle books taught me well.  But I’m excited to say things […]


It may not be your fault this time!

my nams listbuilding challenge

Guest Post by David Perdew. I wired my house myself when I built it. After a lot of research studying the residential electrical codes, I carefully created the circuits in the house to make sure everything was organized and labeled correctly. Then, I hired an electrician to look at the job before I closed everything […]


3 Obstacles Blocking the Growth of Your Coaching/Training Business

How many times have you heard this advice? “Stop trading time for dollars.”  Yet, I’d venture to speculate that most coaches and trainers do this every day even though they tell you they don’t.  That’s because most don’t understand the concept and the serious damage it does to your profit center.