Why I’m Switching from OptimizePress to Thrive Themes

Switch from OptimizePress

Switch from OptimizePressI have been a huge fan of OptimizePress over the years. I started with OP 1.0 using it as the theme for my DAP membership sites. Their member area pages were great with a built in member navigation sidebar. Then when OP 2.0 came out with a separate plugin (not just a theme), I jumped on board to use it for many of my sales and landing pages.« Continue »

Shopify to Stop Maintaining WordPress Plugin


Last year, I wrote a post about how to sell products on your blog using the Shopify Buy Button service. At the end of April, Shopify notified its customers that they no longer would be maintaining the WordPress plugin. As we all know, once a developer stops maintaining a plugin, it’s time to find a different plugin or a different way.


So does that mean you can no longer use this service to sell products on your blog? « Continue »

Easiest WordPress Caching Plugin – WP Rocket

website speed

website speedThis was my thought process and you might recognize it as yours too. I want more organic traffic from Google search. I know that one of the criteria Google uses is site loading speed. I know that if my website is cached I will get more speed. I thought that installing a caching plugin would be difficult and all sorts of weird things would happen when plugins and themes collided with the caching plugin. Bam! Roadblock! Move on to something else! If that is your thought process, keep reading because I have good news!« Continue »

CommentLuv is Gone

I am so sad to report that Andy Bailey, developer of CommentLuv, the premier comment and spam busting plugin, has closed the doors due to poor health. Andy has been very public about his health issues and recently decided that he could no longer provide support for the plugin.


Shopify Buy Button – 7 Easy Steps to Sell Products from Your Blog

Shopify for WordPress

Did you know that you could turn your WordPress blog or website into a Shopify store with just a simple plugin? I didn’t either until recently. I wanted to sell some items that I normally sell on Amazon on a brand website that I built mostly for promoting the brand – not really expecting to […]


Are Short Reports Old School?

Short Reports

Short reports can solve a lot of your problems in getting more traffic, more leads and more customers. Some of you find writing short reports are easy and you can knock them out quickly. But if you are like me, you’d rather take a sharp stick in the eye! If you are in that camp, […]


Aweber No Longer Requires Double Optin for Imported Lists

listen for the news

Have you heard the news? Aweber just removed a big barrier to moving your lists from another autoresponder service to them.


Tips for Starting a Membership Site

Money Walks

Wow! The Super Bowl is this weekend and a month of the New Year has passed already! You were just saying last year, “I plan to get a membership site going next year”. Well, folks, now is the time. Here are a few tips to finally get that membership site up and running.


Managing Multiple Blogs with iThemes Sync

Manage Multiple Websites

Doesn’t it seem that updates for WordPress, plugins and themes are pushed out more often than they used to be? If you only have one or two blogs or websites, it’s no big deal to login and update your site. But what if you have several or if you are helping clients or family members? […]


Blog Posts to Social Media with IFTTT

IFTTT Step 1

Automation is great when it works and one automation tool bloggers look for is something that will take new blog posts and post them to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.