Easy Tables with a Plugin

WordPress Tables

Sometimes you just need a table to display your content properly. The WordPress page/post editor is good most of the time but getting things to line up just right can be a challenge. Here’s how I use tables to solve some alignment problems.


Adding FAQs To Your Blog

Adding FAQs to your blog

Adding a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section to your blog is a great way to arrange important features, resources or even present information on your About page. Typically, these are arranged on the page so that the questions are visible but the reader must either click the question or hover over it to open […]


Pretty Link Plugin Finally Issues Update

Link Cloaking

For what seemed like an eternity, the link-cloaking plugin, Pretty Link finally released a long awaited update last week (November 7, 2012). In the interim, there was a problem with the version number and the WordPress repository update system where you constantly received reminders in your dashboard that you had version 1.60 and you needed […]


Blogging Mistakes: #10 – Not Being Serious About Security

WordPress Security

This post is the last in a series of Blogging Mistakes. You’ve heard stories about blogs getting hacked or entire websites taken down. Do you think it can’t happen to you? Do you think it is only really big sites that have security issues? That kind of thinking is a huge mistake and will cost […]


Blogging Mistakes: #9 — Not Building a Mailing List

Empty mailbox

What do you usually see in a prominent place when you visit a successful blog? Of course, a box to sign up for updates, a free report or some other enticement to join your mailing list. There’s a good reason why most good marketers whether on the Internet or in your local community want to […]


Blogging Mistakes: #8 Being One Dimensional

One Dimension

Just as the world is getting more social, the web is also getting more multi-dimensional. If you’re only presenting your content in text media, you’re going to miss out on a lot of viral opportunities. Infographics are all the rage and are perfect for pinning to Pinterest. YouTube is the fastest growing search engine only […]


Blogging Mistakes: #7 Social Media Phobia

Social Media Phobia

Do you have Social Media Phobia when it comes to your blog? Just a few years ago, it was possible to be successful by being just a well-read blogger. Today, blogs are part of social media and intimately tied to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media communities. Today, ignoring social media not only means […]


Skype Add Contact Virus Security Alert

Skype Contact Virus Alert

Online security is important for everybody including bloggers. I regularly keep up with WordPress security alerts. Today (October 12, 2012) I got an emergency alert from Regina Smola at WP Security Lock about the newest Skype virus. If you use Skype, please read this alert.


Blogging Mistakes: #6 — Not Being a Good Moderator

Moderate Blog Comments

You may be wondering what being a good moderator has to do with a blog. Most people would think of a moderator as either someone who rides herd over a forum or even a presidential debate. In this context I’m talking about moderating your blog comments. We’ll look at two functions — reviewing the comments […]


Blogging Mistakes: #5 — Letting the Weeds Grow

wordpress site not maintained

Part 5 of 10. For the first few months of your blog everything behind the scenes will look new and well kept. But after awhile, if you don’t pay attention, the weeds will start to grow and that’s when trouble can set in. In this installment of Blogging Mistakes, we’ll look at the maintenance that […]