Easy Tables with a Plugin

WordPress Tables

WordPress TablesSometimes you just need a table to display your content properly. The WordPress page/post editor is good most of the time but getting things to line up just right can be a challenge. Here’s how I use tables to solve some alignment problems.« Continue »

Adding FAQs To Your Blog

Adding FAQs to your blog

Adding FAQs to your blogAdding a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section to your blog is a great way to arrange important features, resources or even present information on your About page. Typically, these are arranged on the page so that the questions are visible but the reader must either click the question or hover over it to open up the answer.

In WordPress, the best way to add this functionality is through a plugin. Here are a few suggestions for plugins you can use depending on how you want to present the information.« Continue »

Pretty Link Plugin Finally Issues Update

Link Cloaking

Link CloakingFor what seemed like an eternity, the link-cloaking plugin, Pretty Link finally released a long awaited update last week (November 7, 2012). In the interim, there was a problem with the version number and the WordPress repository update system where you constantly received reminders in your dashboard that you had version 1.60 and you needed to update to 1.60.

No matter what you did, that dang reminder would not go away. Grrrr.« Continue »

Blogging Mistakes: #5 — Letting the Weeds Grow

wordpress site not maintained

wordpress site not maintainedPart 5 of 10. For the first few months of your blog everything behind the scenes will look new and well kept. But after awhile, if you don’t pay attention, the weeds will start to grow and that’s when trouble can set in. In this installment of Blogging Mistakes, we’ll look at the maintenance that needs to be done to keep your WordPress site safe and running smoothly.« Continue »

When Free WordPress Themes Aren’t Free

Free WordPress Themes for Blog

Free WordPress Themes for BlogIf you are a relatively new blogger, I bet you’ve Googled “free wordpress themes” to search for that great looking theme to match your niche. Am I right? Before you make a huge mistake with your new blog, read on to discover when free WordPress themes are not free.« Continue »

WordPress Plugins that Help Dress Up Your Blog Posts

Dress Up Your Blog Posts

Dress Up Your Blog PostsI’m sure you have great information in your blog posts, but do you make that information “look” interesting as well? Do you make the post visually appealing and inviting or do you just write the words and hit the publish button? I regularly use a number of WordPress plugins that help me “dress up” my blog posts and even my pages. « Continue »

Essential WordPress Plugins for Genesis Themes

Genesis Theme Plugins

Genesis Theme PluginsMy favorite WordPress themes these days for building client sites are those from Studio Press using the Genesis framework.

The problem for people who are not very experienced in customizing themes is doing some simple tweaks. Fortunately, there are several great plugins to make those tasks much easier. Here are a list of my favorites:« Continue »

Too Much Trackback Spam? CommentLuv To The Rescue


UPDATE: CommentLuv is no longer being supported due the health of the developer. I recommend you stop using it and switch to a spam blocker like WP SpamShield.

trackbacksTrackbacks and pingbacks occur when someone else links to your blog from theirs. A notice is then sent to your dashboard and to your comments area (unless you disable them). Trackback spam is a huge problem and a time waster so let’s look at what they are and how to make your life easier by defeating the spammers. Let’s also make sure that you are not inadvertently sending trackback spam yourself!« Continue »

Essential WordPress Plugins — CommentLuv


UPDATE: CommentLuv is no longer being supported due the health of the developer. I recommend you stop using it and switch to a spam blocker like WP SpamShield.

commentluv-developer-licenseIn last week’s post, I laid out 3 reasons why I believe my blog traffic doubled in two months. One of those reasons was a plugin called CommentLuv. The free version of this plugin has been around for several years and has been downloaded over 540,000 times! The whole premise behind CommentLuv is to reward visitors for leaving a comment on your blog.

« Continue »

WordPress Blog Sitemap – Does Your Blog Need One?

Sitemap target

Sitemap targetTypically WordPress blogs have several methods for page navigation including a menu bar either at the top, in the sidebar and/or in the footer. In addition, you can add search to your blog through various widgets (Search, Recent Posts, Category, Custom Menu, Archives, etc.). So with all that navigation available to your blog’s readers, why would you also want to include a WordPress blog sitemap?« Continue »