Market Samurai’s New Title and Anchor Text Feature

Market Samurai

A few years ago I discovered a way to create a niche website using Market Samurai. I posted a step-by-step video explaining how I did it and this video continues to get views on You Tube even years later.

Many things have changed over the years — both on Google’s end and for all keyword tools like Market Samurai. « Continue »

The Best Kept Secret of Highly Successful Bloggers

24 hours

24 hours24. That’s it. We only get 24 hours in a day and then whatever was on our to-do list that didn’t get done has to be moved to the next day’s list. Problem is, there are only 24 hours in that day as well. When you’re trying to handle the daily operations of your business, tend to clients, promote your business and – at some point – have at least what might possibly resemble a social life, coming up with new, fresh content for your blog can be a real chore.« Continue »

Help! My Rankings Have Fallen and I Can’t Get them Back Up!

Writing With Keywords

Writing With KeywordsLeave it to Google to send unsuspecting website owners into a tailspin with no warning whatsoever.  As is typical, the Big G dropped an algorithm bomb in 2011 with the original Panda update then again in 2012 with the Penguin “over-optimization” update.  That sent website owners scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Most of us had been following the long-standing rules of keyword optimization that said to use keyphrases often in our copy, title tag, description tag, ALT tags, navigation, etc., etc.  But there’s one lady who was paying attention to the subtle changes that were happening without much fanfare.« Continue »

Kindle Publishing – Don’t Let Past Experiences Prevent Future Success

Kindle Nightmare

Kindle NightmareIt was a nightmare in every sense of the word.  The old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” comes to mind every time I tell the tale.  I was bound and determined not to go through that ordeal again.  My past experiences with publishing Kindle books taught me well.  But I’m excited to say things have changed radically in the Kindle world.  And (while I’m tossing clichés around) all’s well that ends well thanks to some pretty snazzy new strategies and tools.« Continue »

3 Obstacles Blocking the Growth of Your Coaching/Training Business

Trading Time for Dollars

Pop quiz…

How many times have you heard this advice? “Stop trading time for dollars.”  Yet, I’d venture to speculate that most coaches and trainers do this every day even though they tell you they don’t.  That’s because most don’t understand the concept and the serious damage it does to your profit center.« Continue »

Dropbox Announces New Desktop Version


DropboxYesterday, announced their new desktop client version 2.0.  Dropbox is a handy way to share files and folders with other people and to collaborate on documents such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. With a free account you get 500 MB of storage space along with opportunities to get more free space by referring the service with others.« Continue »

WordPress Image Tip – Linking Your Images

cylinder_siren_400_clr_10499Images in your WordPress content or in your sidebar are powerful attention-getters. Many times as blog readers, our eyes are drawn to the image first and can then encourage us to read the content.

If you could see a heatmap of your blog, most likely you would see hot areas around the images and click trackers also know that the images frequently get clicked on.

So how can you take advantage of these tendencies?« Continue »

Twitter Has Been Hacked – How Safe is Your Password?


February 1, 2013. In a very laid-back “we don’t want to scare you” type of blog post, Twitter announced that a quarter of million of its accounts have been hacked. The hackers took usernames, email addresses, and yes, passwords.

TwitterTwitter has reset the passwords of the 250,000 accounts that it thinks were compromised, but did they get them all? They also said, “This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. The attackers were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked.« Continue »

Blog Theme & WordPress Update – I Must Be Crazy

Crazy to update WordPress & theme at the same timeIf you have been a My Bonus Blog reader for a while, you may think you went to the wrong place. The blog has a complete new design with a new theme. I got a wild hair a couple of days ago and decided to update to WordPress 3.5, redesign the theme and offer a brand new optin all at once. I know… crazy! I hope you like it. 🙂« Continue »

WordPress 3.5 — When to Update

Elvin Jones
Elvin Jones

Drummer Elvin Jones ~courtesy Wikipedia


December 11, 2012. After several delays, WordPress released it’s latest version 3.5 to the millions of WordPress users today.  This one is nicknamed Elvin after the drummer, Elvin Jones.

Whenever a new major version of WordPress is released, it’s always a dilemma when to actually do the update. Let’s look at what’s in this release and some considerations on when to update.« Continue »